The Clinic

What makes our clinic UNIQUE – we specialize in:

Cancer | Stroke | Alzheimer’s | Pain | Digestive

  • If you have a breath left in you, we can help
  • We guide you to rebuild your body with nutrients, not drugs
  • The Symptom is NEVER the Cause
  • Doctors treat the Symptom, we treat the Cause

CANCER – Before the Chemo (Chemo Kills)

  • There are alternatives to chemo and radiation

CANCER – After the Chemo

  • Learn how to build NEW healthy cells


  • Paralysis-unblock energy pathways to restore movement
  • Mini Stroke (TIA) requires stroke prevention measures


  • Getting nutrients to the BRAIN
  • Unblock energy PATHWAYS
  • ROOT CAUSE is the Liver and Heavy Metals


  • Pain is your BEST Friend
  • Pain is a “stuck” situation (congestion)


  • Food can either kill you or heal you
  • The Colon and Liver is at the root of all disease
  • We guide you to get all the organs functioning together in harmony

If you have a breath left in you, we can help with Proper Food Combining, 100% Organic Plant-Based Nutrition, Detoxification, and Hands-On Non-Invasive Therapy to Unblock Energy Pathways.
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The Clinic of Cathy Murphy
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Clinic located in Moline, IL

Clinic Located in Moline, IL

5 Minutes from Clinic to Quad Cities Airport

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