Tammy S. – I can follow Proper Food Combining eating plan for life.  I just needed to be told what to eat and when.  It is simple and in the first week I lost 5 inches in the waist.  Simply Amazing!

Jill C. – I now realize that Fatty Liver is a pre-cursor to cancer and an “end stage” condition which can be fully resolved naturally with nutrition and detoxification.  So thankful to catch this while there is time to take charge of my life.  My doctor reported it to me but did not tell me how serious it is nor have any solution to regenerate the liver.

Kristi L. – I had my Gall Bladder removed not realizing what an essential organ the Gall Bladder is in digesting fats.  I have been suffering with Irritable Bowl Syndrome IBS since the surgery.  An Ox Bile supplement was suggested.  These digestive enzymes made all the difference.