Raw Diet for Dogs

Jeff Kraus is a dog lover and maintains the health of his Rottweiler with a natural diet of raw organic whole foods and whole food supplements.  Jeff brought his show puppy Zeus home at 8 weeks.  Zeus was the product of a champion show dog that was over-bred.  Jeff noticed things were not right with Zeus’ back legs.  He did not jump, he had frequent ear infections and was put on antibiotics twelve times in the first year.  Both legs required surgery and casts.  Jeff had fallen in love with Zeus and knew he was the perfect person to nurse him to health.

Jeff is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and a Certified Fitness Specialist and works at Heal-thy Self from Dis-Ease, the Clinic of Cathy Murphy.  He knows a thing or two about natural health.  After researching the organic dog food he was feeding Zeus, Jeff realized it lacked real nutrition and had been fortified.  It was all dead food and it is even sprayed with glyphosate which is the poisonous Round-Up that is sprayed on grains like corn to help crops dry quickly before harvest.  Jeff saw that his dog was always hungry and this sort of dead diet created inflammation in the body which is no different than how the human body works with dead, non-nutritious food.  Jeff knows a dog’s best years are his first five.  When the vet told Jeff that he thought Zeus was a slow healer during his first years after the surgery, Jeff knew he had to change the diet.

As is common in Western medicine with humans, the vet doctors told Jeff all the reasons this raw food eating plan would not work.  What Jeff found was that Veterinarians make a lot of money from selling kibble dog food in their clinics.

Jeff set out to learn the best protocol to feed Zeus back to healing and vibrancy.  Each trip back to the vet brought accolades on how well Zeus was healing.  The vet never made the connection to the raw diet Jeff had designed.  The vet told Jeff that Zeus would always have inflammation and advised him Zeus would need pain pills the rest of his life.  Jeff knows that all pharmaceutical drugs whether they are for humans or dogs, negatively impact the kidneys and the liver.

Jeff knew from the work he does in the clinic and in his own life, inflammation can be eliminated with organic whole foods and supplements.  Dis-ease of the body can be healed in the same way for dogs as it is for humans.  The powerful immune system responds favorably to the right ingredients. Zeus showed improvement within a month after the diet was implemented and Zeus was at the top of his game within a year.  Jeff has proven a raw diet and supplements can positively impact a dog’s life as opposed to the standard kibble dogfood and drugs will do.

These days, Zeus runs, jumps and walks normally.  He might be the only dog that has no bad breath.  His teeth have no plaque, his dark black hair has no dandruff and he does not snore or scratch.  Jeff uses a natural flea and tick remedy and even takes his organic lemongrass shampoo to the groomer to insure purity.

Jeff makes his own bone broth for Zeus and is best friends with a local butcher who keeps him well supplied with raw food for the diet.

To find out more about a holistic, organic, raw foods diet for vibrant dog health, call Jeff at the clinic to schedule a phone consult.  309-762-0577