Journey to Health-Day 1-The Numbers Don’t Lie

The numbers don’t lie and neither do the pictures.  This is my journey to health.  Follow along on my ride from a middle-age train wreck of producing cancer and diabetes to vibrant health and abundant life.

Seriously disgusted with how I looked and felt at age 63, but after a month of Coronavirus eating, I was hopelessly miserable and knew I was doing everything possible to grow cancer. I had ignored high blood sugar far too long and now had full blown-diabetes. Sleep Apnea woke me up gasping for air. The month before Covid-19 appeared, I fell on a flight of stairs seemingly for no obvious reason. I posted a question on the TKM® Q&A site which was answered by Cathy Murphy. We had studied TKM® together eleven years before. TKM® is a non-invasive technique which opens the energy pathways in the body.

Cathy has her own clinic and helps people learn how to use natural methods and nutrition to allow the body to heal itself. She healed from cancer not once but twice. Meanwhile, I was busy creating cancer and diabetes. I needed to catch up with her. We talked for three hours and I made up my mind to make some immediate and radical changes. I was living on borrowed time.

Weight 190 (obese)

Blood sugar fasting 220 (diabetic)

Belly photos (too painful to post) but the largest dimension was 52″

Photos include a turkey neck and double chin

Cathy explained Proper Food Combining and I was off to Fresh Thyme. I got up from my chair and a horrible pain/catch in my groin kept me from being able to walk. Just a few days before, I had to stop doing my telephone survey work due to a cough that was out of control.  Looks like my decision to reclaim my health was made not a moment too soon.  

I knew from my TKM® classes that the groin was an energy sphere location that had everything to do with the heart.  It was obvious that something big was causing a catch in the leg so severe that I could not make a step.  Perhaps I was too late in my decision to reclaim my health.

Proper Food Combining

Cathy encouraged me to start slowly by changing just breakfast.  She explained that fruit must be eaten on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.  Eating fruit with other food is actually poisonous to the body.  Fruit digests quickly, usually in about two hours.  I started with learning the various categories of fruit such as Acid, Sub-Acid, Sweet, Melons.  I could eat as much fruit as I wanted as long as I kept it in the same category.  

After I mastered fruit for breakfast, I moved on to the full menu of foods which are properly combined so that they digest properly.  Improperly digested foods such as when you combine protein and starch in the same meal, (like a steak and a baked potato) is the recipe for indigestion, constipation and toxin production because neither the protein or the starch can break down properly when they are consumed together.

Hydration – Water Consumption

Dehydration is the leading cause of most disease.  I hated drinking water.  I could go all day without water once I had my morning coffee.  I was never thirsty.  It turns out, coffee is dehydrating.  It takes two extra glasses of water to counteract the effects of one cup of coffee.  The acid in coffee negates the effect of the high priced probiotics I took. I changed my mis-informed ways by removing coffee from my routine. 

My assignment was to drink a glass of good clean room temperature water every hour.  If you mix something in the water (like lemon or herbal tea), then that glass does not count toward the daily requirement. Yikes, I was about to float away.  This was not easy.  I could only get half my goal in during the first days.

My first amazing observation was my shoes were getting loose!  Turns out dehydration causes the body to store water in a variety of places and one of those is in the ankles.  If you have swollen ankles, maybe you are not drinking enough water. 

Rebounder – Mini-Trampoline

Did I mention that I detest exercise?  It is hard to exercise when you can’t even walk due to the catch in your leg.  It took about three days to work that catch out which was just enough time for my new Cellerciser® to arrive.  It is the best of the best rebounder or mini-trampoline.  Not only is it easy exercise that can become a full body work out in just 10 minutes a day, but a rebounder is essential for lymph drainage.  Our lymph system moves the toxins out of the body. You can learn more here. Cathy Murphy Link to Cellerciser (Use this link if you decide to place an order.) 

The Core Program

This is the core program.  It is the basis of health for all health conditions.  The core program is available in an e-book which includes the basics outlined above plus a Proper Food Combining Cookbook.  The cookbook is being added to frequently and you always have access to the latest version.  We want you to get off to a good start, so one-on-one telephone mentoring is included.

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Polly Riddell writing as G. Polly Jordan is on a journey for health.  Follow along to be inspired.  Your body can heal itself when you give it what it needs. This is my story. 



My mentor is Cathy Murphy who operates a natural health clinic in Moline, IL.  We are a team wanting to share the knowledge of how the body can heal itself when you give it what it needs.  Ask us how.