Journey To Health-2-Gonna Get Worse Before It Gets Better

I was doing everything right so how could I feel so lousy? My head hurt, my tongue had a sore and even my lip had a canker sore, my nose started to run and my ears hurt.  This was my reward for giving up all my favorite foods?

My body was already detoxing after just two days.  While Cathy and I had studied TKM® together years before, she became a guru and I knew barely enough to be functional.  TKM® is the study of the electromagnetic pathways in the body.  These energy pathways move our blood, push out our lymph and control every aspect of how our body functions.  We speak the same language when I say “my 9s are screaming,” that means the energy sphere #9 below the shoulder blades on the left and right of the spine was in a lot of pain because it was so congested.  She brought this knowledge full circle when I described a symptom (my upper back hurt right below the shoulder blades) she explained in a holistic sense the overall dysfunction in the body that was causing the symptom.  Cathy’s mantra is “the Symptom is NEVER the Cause.” 

This is the CAUSE of Your Symptoms

Cathy explained, “the sore on your tongue is from the Kidney which is in the 4th family of energy ruled by FEAR , the sore on your lips is from the Stomach which is in the 1st family of energy ruled by WORRY.  The runny nose is also in this 1st family of energy of WORRY but it comes from the Spleen.  That pain you are having below your shoulder blades is coming from the Liver.  The Liver is our largest and most important detoxification organ.  Everything has to pass through the Liver including all food, alcohol, toxins from all drugs and environmental toxins.  You are releasing toxins and the Liver cannot keep pace as it is overloaded.  The Liver is in the 3rd family of energy ruled by ANGER.  Your ears hurt because you are not digesting and this is a problem of the Small Intestine which is the 5th family of energy characterized by WILLFULLNESS/EFFORT.  Your cough is from the Lung and your digestive issues are from the Large Intestine and both of these are in the 2nd family of energy ruled by SADNESS AND GRIEF.”

Yikes!  I had dysfunction in all five of the families of energy.  When four out of the five are in dysfunction, this is when CANCER starts.  I am living on borrowed time and need to seriously revamp my health.

All In

I had made up my  mind to do this and do it fully.  No cheating.  Overnight I gave up sugar, quit drinking coffee, eliminated dairy and wheat (white flour) and alcohol.  These changes alone would bring a fat girl to her knees, except I was too out of shape to get on my knees let alone actually get up from the knees.  I needed to get this transformation moving quickly.

You can indeed kill yourself with too much detox too soon.  I proved it.  My supplements arrived May 1st and that seemed the perfect day to start.  I had changed my evil eating ways during the last five days in April which alerted my body that I was serious.

The Root of All Disease is Yeast

I knew I had systemic yeast from years of sugar consumption and even more years of antibiotic use.  In fact, I was actually prescribed a low dose daily antibiotic for 15 years starting at age 15 to control acne and then later to eliminate re-occurring sinus infections.  This wiped out my immune system and set off a lifetime of systemic yeast throughout the entire body.

The first order of business was to kill the yeast.  I did.  And the dead yeast toxins nearly killed me.  This is when I learned just how toxic and sick my body was.  I had to slow down on the detox so my body could keep pace.  I was taking a natural supplement from Australia which gets rid of yeast, bacteria, viruses (Corona anyone) and parasites.  Without question, it works!

I now understand the horror and sickness of effects of chemotherapy.  While I have never had chemo and never ever will, when you kill off all the bad bugs, they don’t die willingly, they give off extraordinary toxins when they die.  Then you want to die.  You are so sick and you get rid of these toxins from every orifice from throwing up to diarrhea, to mucous down the throat to mucous out the nose. 

Herxheimer is NO Medal of Honor

There is no glory in this detox reaction.  At the first hint of misery, ease up, cut back, take it slow.  There is no medal or gold star awarded for being sick like a cancer patient because you detoxed too quickly.  This was my sign I was much sicker and far more toxic than even I thought.  It was my internal guidance system that told me I was on borrowed time and I proved it.   

Polly Riddell writing as G. Polly Jordan is on a journey for health.  Follow along to be inspired.  Your body can heal itself when you give it what it needs. This is my story. 

My mentor is Cathy Murphy who operates a natural health clinic in Moline, IL.  We are a team wanting to share the knowledge of how the body can heal itself when you give it what it needs.  Ask us how.