Don’t Go To a Nursing Home to Die

No one should go to a nursing home to DIE. You should go to a nursing home to be nursed back to health with NUTRITION, not drugs.

Drugs NEVER heal. They only help you get through a crisis until you can nourish the body back to health.

The body was designed to heal itself. The Symptom is NEVER the Cause. Doctors treat the Symptom. We treat the Cause.

If you know of someone who is suffering with Cancer, Memory loss, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, Paralysis due to a stroke, or severe joint pain (Arthritis), please contact us. We would like to work with your doctor to guide you or your loved one back to a productive, joy filled life.

The body is made up of Energy. TKM® can unblock energy pathways with light non-invasive touch, no force and no invasive needles. When you get nutrition back to the cells and unblock energy pathways, the body can heal quickly.

See our Case Studies on Stroke and Paralysis.

Cathy Murphy is on a mission to share her knowledge of how to overcome adversity in health.  She has overcome cancer twice and knows the body’s great ability to heal itself.