Designed to Heal

God designed our body to heal itself.

Things go wrong when we abuse our bodies by creating more toxins than the body can eliminate. When we are sufficiently overloaded with toxins, disease sets in. The final straw is CANCER.

Let’s stop making cancer. Most people think cancer “just happens.” We do indeed make cancer. We have the choice to wake up and give our body what it needs to make disease and cancer go away. Let us show you how.

What makes our clinic UNIQUE
We specialize in: Cancer | Stroke | Alzheimer’s | Pain | Digestive

  • If you have a breath left in you, we can help
  • We guide you to rebuild your body with nutrients, not drugs
  • The Symptom is NEVER the Cause
  • Doctors treat the Symptom, we treat the Cause

CANCER – Before the Chemo (Chemo Kills)
 There are alternatives to chemo and radiation

CANCER – After the Chemo
 Learn how to build NEW healthy cells

 Paralysis-unblock energy pathways to restore movement
 Mini Stroke (TIA) requires stroke prevention measures

 Getting nutrients to the BRAIN
 Unblock energy PATHWAYS
 ROOT CAUSE is the Liver and Heavy Metals

 Pain is your BEST Friend
 Pain is a “stuck” situation (congestion)

 Food can either kill you or heal you
 The Colon and the Liver is at the root of all disease
 We guide you to get all the organs functioning together in harmony

If you have a breath left in you, we can help with Proper Food Combining, 100% Organic Plant-Based Nutrition, Detoxification, and Hands-On Non-Invasive Therapy to Unblock Energy Pathways. Call us to learn more.

Heal-thy Self From Dis-ease Clinic of Cathy Murphy 309-762-0577