Case Studies


Geraldine is 73 years old. She was paralyzed on the right side. She had not moved her arm or leg in three years. Cathy did a 90 minute sequence of TKM? which is a non-invasive technique of opening energy flow in the body. Geraldine fell asleep on the table while Cathy worked on her. Cathy helped her to a sitting position and asked her to lift her arm. She did! Cathy asked Geraldine to touch her nose. She did! Cathy asked her to touch the top of her head. She did! Cathy asked Geraldine if she could wave. She did! When Geraldine’s son and grandson came to take her home, she raised her arm and waved to her family. Their shock and tears of joy said it all.

Mary Margaret is 85 years old. She had a stroke while sitting at her desk. She could not move. She was sent to the ER where the doctor told the family to arrange for a nursing home while she prepared to die. Cathy administered TKM? to open the energy flow in the body. The doctor said not to touch the side of the neck. Cathy knew this was the location of a significant energy sphere connected with stroke. Cathy applied the sequence and Mary Margaret moved her finger on the third step. By the end of the sequence, Mary Margaret recognized all her children who surrounded her bed. She grabbed the remote for the TV and changed the channel and she picked up a newspaper to read.

The doctor put Mary Margaret on the drug protocol for stroke which included blood pressure medication, seizure and cholesterol meds. Soon after she could not talk and could not move. She was moved to ICU two times to detox from the over-medication and she was in a coma. The medical personnel told the family Mary Margaret would be in a coma for 48 hours.

Brain mapping brought the medical personnel to Mary Margaret’s bed. The brain waves were doing something they had never seen before. Cathy had done another sequence of TKM? also which also included the location on the neck the doctor’s said not to touch. Within 30 minutes, Mary Margaret awakened from the coma. The medical staff had never seen anyone wake from the coma of over-medication so quickly. They told Cathy they did not understand what she was doing, but to keep doing it.

Once in the nursing home, Mary Margaret was sent to rehab. The therapist told Cathy the shoulder would move first, then there would be movement in the arm and the very last to move would be the fingers. Again, Cathy did TKM? and within 30 minutes, the fingers moved first. The therapist was amazed and said this simply did not happen.

The medication protocol for stroke was continued and as a result, Mary Margaret was again unable to speak and move. The family took Mary Margaret home to die. Cathy was called in and performed one of the most powerful TKM? sequences. At the end of the sequence, Mary Margaret could move her toes. Cathy asked if she could move her leg, and Mary Margaret bent her leg and pulled it up to her chest.

The family administered the blood pressure medicine even though Mary Margaret’s blood pressure was too low. This caused Mary Margaret to fall and hit her head. This put her back in the nursing home where she did not talk or move in the next three weeks. Cathy stopped by for a visit and put her palms on the calves for an hour and a half. Mary Margaret awakened and started speaking coherently. Sadly, the stroke protocol meds were administered again which caused Mary Margaret to lose her ability to speak and to move. The family put their faith in western medicine stroke protocol. Mary Margaret remains in the nursing home unable to move or communicate. The effects of paralysis and poor speech can be reversed by unblocking the energy pathways. A program of Proper Food Combining and 100% organic plant-based nutrition is a power way to reverse the effects of stroke.