My Testimony

The Spiritual Connection

Pain For over 30 years I suffered with pain. At the age of 19 it started with leg pain and it progressed to full body pain. At age 45 I was at my worst, I ballooned up to 200 pounds and I had so much pain I had to use one of those motorized carts to go through the grocery as I could not stand long enough to make it through. In those 30 years I have been to literally hundreds of doctors and had test after test, only to find there was nothing medically wrong. They did however give me the famous Fibromyalgia diagnosis.

Stress My life over those years was stress 24/7. I was a very willful, determined, “make it happen” type of person. I would not take NO for an answer. If it did not work the way I wanted it, then I would try even harder. Nothing really gave me joy, peace or happiness. At age 40, I lost my husband of 20 years to his secretary, I lost the dream house we built together, I lost my developmentally disabled foster son, and I lost my job all at the same time. Then I married a man I was not in love with in order to have health insurance.

Head Injury I had a head injury from a car accident in 2006. I lost my ability to drive, to think clearly, to remember, to analyze and I even had to relearn my multiplication tables. This is bad news for an appraiser. The stress of all this brought on a higher level of pain. The worry and anxiety nearly paralyzed me. The fear for my future debilitated me. The anger for all that had happened to me was escalating. There was great sadness and grief surrounding my circumstances.

The King Institute, a Christian health organization was recommended to me. As a last resort, I made an appointment. TKM is a non-invasive, hands-on procedure used to restore the proper energy flow in our bodies. For all these years, I have never felt any positive effects from anything I have tried nor from the millions of pills I have taken. I just wanted to FEEL something. On a day when I was on my last leg, I had a hands-on session of TKM and when I got up from the table, I found I was lighter and the pain had stopped. It was the first positive feeling in over thirty years of pain. I was so overwhelmed, I wanted to know more.

TKM Training I was invited to a training class to learn about the science of TKM and to apply the procedures. The self-help class was being presented to members of First Baptist Church in Sebring, FL. I had to have special permission to attend as I was not a member and had not set foot in a church in years.

Emotions As we learned about various emotions and their correlation to each of our five fingers, I could easily relate to the thumb being Worry, the index finger being Fear, the middle finger being Anger, the ring finger being sadness and grief. But when we got to the little finger which represents, Effort/Pretense or “My Way or the Highway,” my instructor said very lightly My will or THY Will. I was thunderstruck. That was my missing link. That was where I had gone so wrong. All the effort I had expended to control everything was NOT THE PLAN. God was not controlling my life, I was trying to control my life. I might add I was doing a very poor job of it.

Saved When I got home that night, I held my fingers one by one as we were instructed in class. As I lay there inviting God into my broken down body, submitting totally to His will and vowing to accept anything He had in store, I started to relax and flexibility miraculously came. As I pondered the opening remarks from the class and considered my own emotional baggage and my need for discovering and following God’s plan, I did a sequence interestingly titled “Life saving position #7” as the book says it is for “letting go” of everything in our past…physically, mentally and emotionally.

I held this position for nearly an hour. When I stopped, I closed my eyes in my still very dark bedroom and I felt a light getting brighter and brighter and brighter. I felt God’s presence. Then the light flickered like a strobe light. I opened my eyes enough to be sure no lights were actually shining into my bedroom and then I felt the most amazing calm and protection and my thoughts were that everything would be ok and I felt an inner peace. And again, I referred back to the opening remarks in the training class at the church… Jesus is the light.

Lessons Learned The Holy Spirit has touched me in a profound way. I was truly saved that day. While I had professed my faith in Jesus at a bible study in college, that study left out the most important part. Belief and faith is just the beginning. The daily walk and personal relationship with God allowing Him to do the directing is the key to everything. Too bad it took me so long to learn this lesson. Maybe 30 years of pain will not allow me to forget who really needs to be in charge. Mark 16:18 says “and they will place their hands on sick people and they will get well.” I have been pain free since God healed me in that precious moment of salvation.

Pure Joy In April 2008 at age 51, I was saved. The hole in my heart is full, joy fills me and I abound in a solid happiness that comes with such a strong faith. I am the poorest I have ever been monetarily yet the richest in faith and security with the Lord on my side. I am on fire for the Lord and feel my calling to share the stories and richness of my adventures with God.

Would you like to learn more. Please contact me.

Polly Riddell

writing as G. Polly Jordan

Adventures with God…motivational stories of life’s experiences and lessons learned


What is Energy Medicine

TKM-The King Institute Method, based on Eastern Medicine and the Natural Science of Physics

It is an understanding of the natural processes of the body on a bio-electrical energy level

This is a God-given innate system of electrical energetics which exists in each and every person

It is the natural science of physics, the study of how the body is created and recreated cell by cell

Every living creature is energy – molecules vibrating at different frequencies

TKM is a non-invasive hands-on holistic approach with no negative effects

Hands are placed on two areas of the body at the same time. It is similar to connecting circuits to stimulate electrical energy. This allows the bioelectrical energy to properly circulate throughout the pathways of circuitry of the body as the body was originally designed. The results include the relief of tension, stress and pain, health recovery, plus life-saving emergency techniques.

Do you have physical pain, are you emotionally out of balance, does your personality lack joy, peace and love, then our body is reflecting how well our energy is circulating and how well our spirit is blending with flesh. Energy balancing allows the body’s systems to release tension and stress at its own timing which will allow the body to have the proper circulation of bioelectrical energy. Symptoms will disappear and homeostasis will occur.

Our life essence electrical energy would not exist without the

God-given Breath of Life energy given by His Grace