My Story

My Journey to Health

From the age of 19 I had pain. It started as leg pain and through the years it progressed to full body pain. Over the years I ballooned to 200 pounds and had to use a motorized cart to make it through the grocery as my legs hurt so badly. For thirty years I had every medical test known to man. There was nothing medically wrong with me.

Eventually I reached a point where I had sufficient pain that when touched in multiple locations, I screamed and that became my official diagnosis…Fibromyalgia.

For years after, I sought every remedy for this dreaded condition. It had a name but it had no cure. Doctors did not know how you get it and they did not know how you made it go away. I took every pill and supplement both pharmaceutical based and natural. Nothing diminished the pain.

I sought alternative methods of treatment and learned I had significant yeast overgrowth within my entire system, Epstein Barr virus, leaky gut syndrome and delayed reaction food allergies.

Antibiotics, Yeast, Food Allergies The yeast overgrowth was caused from years of antibiotics. I took them for acne at age 15 and then continued them to age 30 for recurring sinus infections. These 15 years of non-stop antibiotics destroyed my immune system and all the good bacteria the body needs. The yeast caused incredible cravings for sugar and I fed the yeast daily as I could not stop eating sugar. The food allergies plus the sugar contributed to my weight gain. Eliminating the sugar and the offending foods allowed me to drop 60 pounds without even trying.

Stress My life over those years was stress 24/7. I was a very willful, determined, “make it happen” type of person. I would not take NO for an answer. If it did not work the way I wanted it, then I would try even harder. Nothing really gave me joy, peace or happiness. At age 40, I lost my husband of 20 years to his secretary, I lost the dream house we built together, I lost my developmentally disabled foster son, and I lost my job all at the same time. Then I married a man I was not in love with in order to have health insurance.

Head Injury I had a head injury from a car accident in 2006. I lost my ability to drive, to think clearly, to remember, to analyze and I even had to relearn my multiplication tables. This is bad news for a commercial real estate appraiser. The stress of all this brought on a higher level of pain. The worry and anxiety nearly paralyzed me. The fear for my future debilitated me. The anger for all that had happened to me was escalating. There was great sadness and grief surrounding my circumstances.

The Energy Solution This is when I first learned about energy medicine. I purchased the Life System which is quantum biofeedback. Later I learned about TKM, a hands-on approach to healing. This ultimately lead to my acceptance of Jesus Christ as my savior. My biblical studies and Christian counseling allowed me to be transformed by the renewing of my mind.

In all there have been hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in trying to overcome the pain of Fibromyalgia. If I was to do it over again, it would only take my hands, my mind and my faith to overcome the challenges. Each will be detailed on a separate page in this site.

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