Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine, Eastern Medicine, Holistic Medicine

There are many names such as alternative, holistic, complementary, natural and energy practices. Holistic medicine focuses on how the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of the body are interconnected to maintain wellness. A holistic approach focuses on the whole person rather than just on the illness or part of the body that is not healthy. Much of energy medicine is rooted in ancient Eastern teachings which recognize life energy called, chi, qi, bio-energy. Being unhealthy is an imbalance or disharmony in the life energy. Health is a state of well-being in which the body is vital, balanced and adaptive to its environment. It focuses on prevention and recognition of the importance of lifestyle and the mind/body connection.

Eastern Medicine

Eastern medicine has a basis of energy medicine and is practiced using a variety of techniques such as acupuncture, biofeedback, The King Institute-TKM, Reiki, Rife, yoga, blood analysis, homeopathy, naturopathy, meditation, massage, Tai chi, herbal therapy, Ayurveda, Qigong, positive thinking and more. It is the person’s responsibility to prevent illness and live a healthy, harmonious lifestyle.

The Eastern, energy or holistic approach focuses on an integrated mind, body, spirit relationship to treating the whole person. It is based on the body’s innate ability to heal itself. There is a focus on prevention of illness by balancing disharmonies of energy. It is based on Einstein’s physics and quantum field mechanics.

Western Medicine

Western medicine is called traditional medicine and encompasses all types of conventional medical treatment including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, physical therapy and the use of pharmaceutical drugs. The Western approach to treatment focuses on treating the symptom. Health is defined as the absence of pain, symptoms, physical and mental defects. The goal of treatment is to suppress symptoms through drugs or surgery. It is based on biology. Western medicine is practiced by doctors, nurses, therapists. It is regulated by the AMA and FDA.

My Gift to You

The information provided here is from my personal experience. It is by no means a complete study of Eastern, energy or alternative medicine. I believe the holistic focus of energy medicine was instrumental for me to overcome the Western medicine diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.

Will it come as a surprise that I have nothing to sell. The most powerful benefits I have received from my study of energy cost nothing. My hands and my mind are the most powerful and effective tools I have and I can use them to maintain my well-being. So can you. The information contained in this website is my gift to you.

Disclaimer – In the United States, The FDA and AMA require me to tell you I am not a doctor and therefore I can make no claims. I do not diagnose and I can promise no cures. I will share my story and the various forms of energy medicine techniques I have used. Draw your own conclusions.

If you walk away with the knowledge you have the power to improve your health and your life without spending a dime, I will be blessed.

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