Quantum Biofeedback considers all aspects of a person. By recognizing the person as a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual person and then treating them accordingly, the results can be astounding. The LIFE System biofeedback device makes it possible to query the body for its most acute and chronic conditions or needs and to balance or correct these stressors with focused energetic therapy.

Energy, Vibrational Frequency, Signatures, Electro-Magnetic Vibrations

Every item in the universe has its own unique vibrational frequency. Research has determined these signatures for not only all the healthy organs and body processes but also for bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins and other harmful forces. You have seen these frequencies measured with an ECG of the heart and an EEG of the brain. An MRI is based on these vibrational frequencies. Our bodies are electro-magnetic and can transmit and receive electro-magnetic vibrations.

Stress – Physical, Emotional, Mental, Toxic, Environmental, Nutritional

Illness and disease begin with subtle disturbances or imbalances in the body’s energy field. These imbalances in the body’s energy come from various stressors. There is physical stress from injury, nutritional deficiencies, an inadequate intake of water or oxygen. There is emotional and mental stress from feelings of doubt, self-worth, relationships, anger, grief and depression. There is toxic stress from fungus, bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, prescription drugs and allergens. There is environmental stress from radiation, cell phones, computers, TV’s, microwaves and the earth’s geopathic stress.

Imbalance and Weakness…Illness and Disease

These stresses can cause an imbalance in our own healthy vibrations. Stress first creates an acute response in the body and if it is not managed by the body’s natural resources, it becomes more chronic and if it is not resolved, symptoms appear at the cellular level and progress to the tissue and organ level and may involve the whole body system.

Biofeedback “Feeds Back” Healthy Energy

Computerized Biofeedback works by scanning the body for nearly 7,000 verifiable frequencies of viruses, bacteria, fungus, deficiencies, weaknesses, toxins, hormones, allergens, parasites, environmental intolerances, enzymes, vitamin and mineral levels, disease, emotions, blockages, meridians, and imbalances in the spine, brain, and digestive systems and much more. This non-invasive, pain-free reactivity scan is performed quickly and safely in about 6 minutes.

The software then evaluates and prioritizes these 7,000 reactions by comparing them to a “norm.” Feedback occurs when the positive frequencies are sent back to the body to strengthen our systems and when negative frequencies are sent back to the body to weaken or negate the harmful frequencies. This feedback stimulates the body’s immune and energy systems in order to promote positive energy flow and to release the stresses which caused the imbalances in the first place. The body’s inherent wisdom takes only what it needs of the frequencies and then works to achieve balance and harmony in body and mind.

Benefits of the LIFE System Quantum Biofeedback Device

The main premise of Quantum Biofeedback Therapy is that the body is electrical in nature, it is innately intelligent, it has the ability to heal itself when the right conditions are provided. Energy connects every organ, thought and emotion. The LIFE System measures this energy and provides the necessary stimulus to weaken the negative energy and strengthen the positive energy. Through the body’s own natural intelligence, this energy is utilized as a starting point of good health.

Energy Frequencies That Can Be Measured and “Fed Back” to the Body Include:

All the Acupuncture Meridians

Allergens – Food, Chemical and Environmental


Bones – Regeneration, Spurs, Trauma and Osteo-Arthritis

Brain Balancing and Brain Wave Tuning

Chromosomes and Genes

Heart and Circulation

Color and Chakra

Cosmetic – Weight, Hair, Skin

Dental – Gum Disease, Nerves, TMJ

Detoxification – Environmental, Pathogens and Toxins

Digestive – Crohn’s Disease, Colitis, Ulcers, Diverticulosis

Eyes and Ears – Macular Degeneration, Cataract, Glaucoma, Hearing Loss

Emotional – Relaxation, Behavior, Relationship and Conflict

Homeopathic – Over 600 Homeopathic Frequencies

Hormone – Male and Female Hormone Balance with Prostate Stimulation


Lymph System Stimulation

Muscle Relaxation and Tone

Nerves – Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Depression, Neuralgia, Parkinson

Neuro-Emotional – Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Worry, Fear

Animals – Dog, Cat, Cow, Fish, Horse, Bird, Snake, Pig, Gerbil

Rife Like Frequencies for Organs

Respiratory – Emphysema, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Asthma

Organ Sarcodes – Adrenals, Hypothalamus, Limbic, Metabolic, Pituitary, Prostate

Sinus – Congestion, Headache, Pressure

Spinal – Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Cranial, Sacral, Dermatones

Sports and Injury – Flexibility, Muscle and Oxygen Stimulation

Susceptibility Indicator

Specific Indications – Includes Thousands of Frequencies not Specifically Mentioned Above Such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Addiction, Cancer, Candida, Cold and Flu, Constipation, Diabetes, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Headaches, High Blood Pressure, Immune Deficiency, Insomnia, Libido, Lupus, Menstrual Disorders, and Pain of All Kinds, to Name a Few.

DISCLAIMER: The system is to be used as a Biofeedback Device. It is designed for stress detection and stress reduction. The device does not diagnose anyone. Only a Licensed Practitioner can diagnose. This system is calibrated to measure the fine and subtle electrical reactions of your body to a group of verifiable frequencies. No claims are made of this system for diagnosis, treatment or cure.

Classification, Training and Certification

The LIFE System is considered a biofeedback device, registered for safety issues by the FDA as a Class II Biofeedback Device, which is deregulated in the United States. In other countries around the world, the LIFE System is a registered medical device.

As there are no governing boards for biofeedback in the U.S., educational certification is voluntary.

The LIFE System is manufactured and distributed in the United States.


What role does stress play on our electrical system?

Stress produces erratic vibrations that lead to disharmony. If stress is allowed to develop within the body and is not resolved, then symptoms will appear. Imbalances caused by stress begin at the cellular level by creating erratic cellular vibrations. These imbalances will then link with other systems in the body and progress to the tissue and organ level. At this point the whole bodily system can become imbalanced including the physiological level. A cycle of pain, unease and disease can begin. By balancing and restoring the erratic cellular vibrations, health can be restored.

What is meant by subtle energy?

Intelligent, invisible energy has been recognized for five thousand years in the study of acupuncture and other ancient healing arts. Western Medicine is the only major health system that does not treat the subtle energy system. Every cell, organ, meridian and emotion has a characteristic electro-magnetic signature.

Where does ill-health begin?

Ill-health can begin in the body’s subtle energy system. Imbalances in this system appear before disease manifests in the physical body. If imbalances go uncorrected, health problems can eventually develop. When the body is using it’s energy in an imbalanced, distorted way, precious energy is being wasted. Many times fatigue is a complaint. Healing can begin by harmonizing the subtle energies. When the subtle, energetic system is in balance, physical energy is restored. As energy is no longer wasted on correcting distortions, the body’s energy is then used in productive, healthy ways and vitality is re-established.

Is this technology safe?

The LIFE System treats every person on an individual basis and no two treatments are alike. It will stop sending signals as soon as balance is achieved in the area of stress since the system is constantly communicating back and forth with your body while corrections are being made. All of this is done through the skin, never internally. While traditional medicine is working on a bio-chemistry level, this system works through bio-physics, which means once the body is balanced, the chemistry of the body will become balanced as well. The treatment is non-invasive and always gentle as it works with the body’s natural intelligence.

How does the system find me?

Think of it like a cell phone. There are no visible connections, yet you can connect with anyone anywhere in the world with the right identifying frequencies. And while it is still a little hard to know “how”…consider the power of prayer…you don’t fully understand it, yet you know it works.

What is meant by Quantum Medicine?

Quantum Medicine is the theory of cell communication and methods for using computerized systems to make corrections. Our bodies are a miraculous piece of machinery. At any given time there are a vast amount of complicated processes going on. We are unable to control most of these processes with our conscious mind, yet they are occurring with proficiency. This is due to a complicated inner communication and control system which coordinates all of these processes. The brain reads all the frequencies coming from the body and ideally sends frequencies back to make corrections whenever there is a problem. Western medicine does not take this into consideration so it’s main focus is symptoms that can be diagnosed and treated. Quantum Medicine recognizes that our bodies have the ability to take care of most all problems that may arise, however in today’s toxic world our bodies can’t manage all of the variable stresses and are strained with challenges that may take humans several generations to adapt to. With quantum bio-feedback it is possible to read the body’s information systems in order to bring about greater organization and balance. By obtaining frequency readings and feeding back the same frequency that the brain should have sent to solve the problem, it’s easier to create and maintain good health at a much earlier stage.