I am Polly Riddell also known as G.Polly Jordan

This website was created to tell my personal story of a very long journey to health.

Health includes the mind, emotions, body and spirit.

My body was healed.

My spirit was saved.

My mind was renewed.

I simply call it Energy Medicine. It is natural and it is holistic. It is the common thread in all that has worked to restore my health, mind, body and soul. It is the science of physics and the bio-electromagnetic energy systems of how the body functions and the creator of it is the Creator of the Universe. It is a story of hope.

In earlier attempts to explain it, I left people more confused than enlightened. The word “energy” in my story and website has nothing to do with new age philosophies, it is not mystic, it is not a religion and is not spiritual. I am however a Christian and my faith and close personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ sustains me. God created this bio-electrical energy system and my story is dedicated to His glory.

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